• Responsible as we are to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction, Siam grains has worked constantly to implement various new standard regimes applicable to the food industry so as to enhance the quality of our products as well as our product processing.

    In 1998 our aim was to upgrade our product quality systems by focusing on consumer safety and to prepare for the worldwide's standards.  The company consequently applied the HACCP (Harzard Analysis of Critical Control Point) which effectively prevents food contamination. This system is recognized worldwide as a proper basis for factory production in all aspects from plant conditions, health standards, raw materials, and stages in production to delivery of product to consumers.

  • We have also applied GAP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and SSOP (Sanitary Standard Operation Procedures) in support of the HACCP systems as well as to enhance its effectiveness. As of 1999 all of the company's production systems have been audited and credited by SGS Thailand.Siam Grains can be counted among the first rice exporter companies in Thailand to receive official HACCP approval. 

    Recently, we start to run the Food Safety Program. We intend to cover greater area beyond HACCP, such as administration compliance, process and product control, sanitation, worker health and hygine, operation practices, pes control, food security, food allergens and transportation. Also Social Compliance Program is being respecteded in the areas of restrictive labor condition, work environment, future improvement. We never stop improving ourselves to keep up with the ever changing demand of the food industry

  • For years, Siam Grains has working closely with farmers' cooperatives in Northeast region to educate farmers about effectiveness in planting and harvesting and latest farming technology available for improving crop quality.  We also provide funds for research as we examine how to make Thai farmers more productive and competitive with other nations.

    Since 2002, siam grains annually arranged farming contracts as well as fair trade program with a group of farmers in Ubon Ratchathani province for Organic Jasmine Fragrant Rice rice. the amount of this Organic rice we trade increase in double digits every year. We at Siam grains are always ready to produce the greatest benefit for Thai society and to grow our dedication to excellence.